Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Dreams of Sweeties

Long ago, when I had the luxury of being a glutton for sleep, I kept a dream journal.

When I first started the journal, I could only recall a few vague details. Overtime, I began to remember multiple dreams each night, in all their tumbling, nonsensical glory. Eventually, I was able to consciously change the course of dreams if I didn't like where they were going, and trust me, that was a nice skill to have.

Ina and the gang are loving the nice weather and extra attention.

After years of living on the sleep equivalent of the grapefruit diet, I barely have time to dream, and I've lost both the habit of journaling and the knack for remembering them. But I still love to share what I do remember as soon as I wake up.

Now, so does Maya.

Lately, she has been having strange dreams featuring cats, but we've heard others about adventures with zoo animals, trips to grandma's house, Joe and I shrinking, and chocolate during some of her early morning dream reports. It is an enjoyable window into her inner-workings.

Elliot, thankfully, is eating less sand than she did last fall.

Elliot got in on the dream act this morning too. She tried to wake up for the day at an entirely unacceptable 5:00 AM. With an expertise born of practice, I shushed her back to sleep (actually, I fell asleep holding her in the chair, and eventually she got bored and fell back to sleep too).

Her twitching woke me up. She looked a bit like a sleeping puppy, trying to run after something. She was clearly asleep, slack jawed and everything, but every few seconds her little mouth would grin and she'd say "Maya, Maya" and then giggle. Her happy, sisterly dream continued even as I tucked her back into her crib.

This is a rambling post, I know, but I've always found dreams so interesting, and to have a little peek into the dreams of my girls was a nice treat this morning!

It's impossible to get Maya out of the sandbox. She spent two hours this morning baking cookies and birthday cakes in the playhouse "oven".


Nina said...

How cold is that playhouse? Maybe the cookies are freezedried instead of baked?

elacorn said...

girl... kayleigh gets up at 5:45 or so. She's been this way most of her life. yuck@


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