Tuesday, March 17, 2009

600 + words and a Working Computer

Yep, Ruby, my not-so-trusty Gateway was a frozen mess yesterday.

It was unfortunate, considering I had already taken about three days away from the story (except for random notes). I was brimming with the next scene, and the computer wouldn't cooperate.

Luckily, a little research and patience and some fantastic techy forums helped me overcome my own ignorance and fix the little beast.

I'm really enjoying my decision to stick with one viewpoint so far, but more on that as it progresses.

Off to bed now... The weather sprites brought us a lovely 65 degree day yesterday and 50 something today, and the girls and I got our fill of splashing in puddles, digging in the muddy, slushy sandbox, and running around after the chickens in our backyard. We'll be a quiet house tonight...


Anna said...

oh, it's so frustrating when machines won't cooperate! but it sounds like you got it sorted...

nice day here too... so fun!

write well... :))))

jchart said...

sounds like you had a really fun day :-)


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