Monday, January 12, 2009

Gone & Back Again

It's so unlike me to neglect the blog for this long! But I'm back, once again striving for at least three posts per week.

My title, Gone & Back Again, does not just describe my blogging habits of late. I was, in fact, gone and back again. Some of you silent judgers who are shocked and amazed at how little I have been away from my girls in the past two years may now be staring open mouthed at the screen.

But yes, I was gone for a bit. Four days. Three nights. Not the month-long holiday I probably need to regain my sanity, but long enough to thoroughly celebrate a friend's 30th birthday.

As you might expect, it was a much needed, long awaited, and deeply appreciated respite from both the daily grind and the holiday chaos. As planned, the girls stayed home with their daddy and his back up support: Nana. They had at least as much fun as I did, from what I've heard.

I was surprisingly unworried about their well-being, which was lucky since my Grand Marais cell phone reception was sketchy.

For those who haven't been, Grand Marais is a wonderful weekend getaway destination, though January trips are solely for the hardiest of northerners. It was bitter cold, but we stayed warm enough to go snow shoeing one day. Spa treatments inside our lovey East Bay suite were definitely enhanced by the sweeping blue horizon along Lake Superior, which shimmered just outside our balcony windows.

Also if you get a chance, Chez Jude's 5 course tasting menu is worth a trip north all by itself. I actually teared up by the time we got to the dessert, though I'm still unsure if my tears were for the spectacular food or the sheer joy of lingering three hours over a meal uninterrupted by the never ending chant "mom, mom, mom."

So today, we're settling back into things, happy to be together, recentered, and ready for cold, quiet winter days ahead.

Below: Keeping up New Year's Resolutions, Puppet Shows, Finger Painting (check out Elliot in the background), and a Brave Venture Outside.

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