Monday, December 29, 2008


Merry Christmas!

Forgive me the blogging absence. I truly thought I would update throughout the week. Motivation waned, however, when we arrived in South Dakota. All we wanted to do was catch up with family, keep the girls from ransacking the presents too early, and digest the immense piles of gourmet food that miraculously appeared every few hours (thanks mom!).

As Maya observed while eating her caramelized pears after gift opening on Christmas eve, "This was the best Christmas EVER!" This may be an inherited sentiment, as Grandpa tends to use this line for nearly every event.

This year, it was definitely accurate. In spite of Elliot's nagging cold, and the chaos born of interrupted schedules and copious snacking, we had an incredibly fun and relaxing holiday.

We even made time for several scrabble games, movies, lots of eggnog, and a few naps. We have now read The Adventures of Louise the Chicken about a hundred times, along with the Nutcracker, and Goodnight Washington D.C., and few other really great books.

The company was spectacular, and though we always wish there was more time with more family, we are always holidays like this one, with time enough for visiting, relaxing, and truly being together in an unhurried, unstressed way.

Santa wisely brought Maya her very biggest Christmas wish... A Unicorn Costume. She loves it, though we remain baffled.

At one point, Maya was in costume, appearing to be riding a unicorn, blowing on her new trumpet, in front of her new puppet stage. I was so proud of her kookiness. Elliot was just happy to be feeling better!

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Bonnie said...

I'm missing my Grandgirls! It's way to quiet out here! What a wonderful holiday we had! LOVE MOM


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