Thursday, January 22, 2009


This morning I heard the most lovely thought: The Greek word for "happiness" can more accurately be translated to "flourishing." And it's true. Happiness isn't the bright smiling faces that first come to mind. No, happiness is a life of flourishing. Struggle and sacrifice and moments of sorrow don't detract from a life spent building relationships with people you love, doing work you love, and resisting the seductions of the material world.

I'm paraphrasing of course, from Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning broadcast. Kerrie Miller interviewed Laura Rowley, a financial journalist turned divinity student and religious instructor. She's also the author of Money & Happiness. Listen to the program if you have a chance!

The interview is fantastic, both engaging and inspiring.

As we all tremble in the shadow of the current economic terror, I've been wondering how prudent it really is for me to remain unemployed. Ameriprise is laying off people left and right, and I have plenty of marketable skills.

Rowley's advice, that we live according to our values and relationships rather than the material goods that simply drive up our debt, was a good reminder.... Besides, it's not like there are jobs available at the moment... sheesh!

I'm rambling now.... Listen to the program if you can. I'll try to snag some pictures of my flourishing girls to jazz up this post!

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