Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope is a Thing with Feathers

Happy Inauguration Day! My favorite hope quote of late (my blog title) is from Emily Dickenson and is printed on the back of our new book Louise: The Adventures of a Chicken. Every time I read it, I think of Obama and the fragile place we are all in, so full of hope and with so many obstacles to overcome.

Today I'm trying my hand at live blogging. I'll be adding updates throughout the day :)

8:50 AM: The country is abuzz with energy. Even here, from my little home base, I can feel the energy radiating from the hopes of the nation... the enthusiasm of the 2 million + people gathered in D.C. (which include my own lucky siblings!! How I wish I had accepted that invitation!) and the other hundreds of millions of us connected through a thousand different media outlets.

My favorite quote today is from author Rita Mae Brown: "Trust your instincts and don't hope more than you work." That last part, I think, applies beautifully. From everything we saw of his campaign style and his diligent cabinet assembly, I think we can have every confidence that President Obama will work at least as much as the hopes he has raised. More importantly, he is committed to transforming this energy and enthusiasm bubbling around us from hope into action in our own communities. I intend to get involved somehow....

What a fantastic moment to savor!

10:40 AM: At our house, Hope is a Thing with Construction Paper and Elmers Glue.... To keep the girls busy while I listen to NPR's inauguration coverage, we made celebratory hats. I can safely say, it's the first patriotic activity (non campaign related) I've done since shortly after 9/11.... which is the last time I felt this connected... unified with those around me.

The pictures coming out of D.C. are astounding. I can't believe how many people are there!

1:16 PM: Maya fully enjoyed the inauguration. Can you believe it? She's only 3 and a half! Every time the cameras swept over the massive crowd, she would pout out that lower lip and say, "Mama, next time, I want to go too!" She applauded for Hilary, who she recognized on sight, and for Obama's daughters, saying "I'm so glad he has little girls too!" She was fascinated by the past presidents, and kept asking me to elaborate on my inappropriate editorial notes about Cheney and W.... I still need to learn how to self edit! For naptime, we read the Obama book.... and now all is quiet for reflection.

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