Thursday, December 4, 2008


Looking for a thoughtful gift idea? Here's one for you, if you have small children and/or sentimental family members!

I just finished my third annual photo book.

The tradition began on Maya's first Christmas, when I tried to make a scrapbook and discovered my incredible lack of crafting ability. The result that year looked like something a third grader would put together, and baby Maya promptly destroyed it.

The next year I stumbled onto PhotoWorks, then Shutterfly, and this year I just did it on the Walgreens site because their sale was really good. For about $10 a piece, you can make a 20 page photo book. It's especially great for those of us who aren't all that prompt about printing our digital pictures.

Because of this handy blog, I didn't need to devote much space in the photo book for anecdotes this year. Instead, those of you who get a copy can look forward to a book that is essentially a personalized version of David Phail's book Sisters.

I'm tempted to post a link to the book right here, but since it is doubling as a Christmas gift for much of our family, I'd better wait.

I'll just let the suspense build.

What a teaser!


Bonnie said...

Ah ha! But it is linked! I won't peek! I can't wait! Such a great gift! LOVE MOM

Sarah said...

Oh, I linked to the original Sisters book, so you can see the model... but my own work remains a mystery!


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