Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Proud of Her Own Words

At 14 months, Elliot is a very proud new member of this oh-so-chatty family!

She loves to preform her new words, and like her older sister, she will repeat her tricks until someone applauds loudly. Here is her vocabulary so far, from what I can tell.

Uh Oh (usually right before tossing something on the floor)
More (sounds like MA, which causes some confusion)
Hi (usually a two syllable word for her - HA-IE)
Bye (also two syllables - BA-IE)
Night-Night (more like ni-ni, but still)
Drink (sounds like DAT)
Up (precluded by a little squeal, every time)
One (when asked out old she is... or how big she is)
Quack, Quack, Quack (when asked what's a duck say)
Bow, wow, wow (when asked what's a dog say)
Moo (obviously, cow)
Meow (sounds more like a drawn moo, but she's trying for a cat)
Kitty (sounds more like, um, kitty if you replaced the k with a t)
Tickle (followed immediately by an attack!)
Hot (though she seems to think it refers to coffee cups as well as anything mom is drinking)
Ow (accompanied by a rubbing of whichever part of her head has been thwacked)
Button (usually comes out more like butt, but meant to describe her belly button)

More importantly, she can understand almost everything that goes on around her, which makes her a very entertaining little companion!

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