Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hats off to Parents on Holidays!

Thank you mom and dad!

Until this year, I didn't really realize how much work it is to prepare a good Christmas for kids old enough to remember the experience!

First, there is the challenge of shopping for gifts. The girls were really well behaved when we shopped for everyone else, but it was still exhausting.

Picking out their gifts obviously requires a babysitter (thanks DO!), and a working knowledge of the grandparent's gifts for the girls, so that we don't accidentally shop off of the same list! When we finally do think of a few good things, we grapple with the big question: which one is from Santa? Do we get the credit for the best gift, or does the scary man that breaks in through the chimney... the man Maya won't even wave to at the mall, unless she is peering safely down at him from the second story balcony outside of Herbergers!

And it's a good thank Maya can't read! I found her coloring on the invoice of her Santa gift today.... One more year, and that might blow the whole charade!!

Don't forget the gifts for the preschool teachers. Other parents compared gifts for bus drivers, piano instructors, coaches, etc (obviously they have older children, so I guess I can see what's on the horizon.) Some of the mom's even bought gifts for the other kids in preschool. That's exactly what I needed, 20 chocolate Santas to defend. I, along with several other NON over achiever parents vowed to abstain from that level of compulsive giving.

Then, of course, there are the non-gift related traditions we're all trying to maintain. We wrote up a list of nice things Maya can do for others this holiday season (help them make their beds and give hugs were the two biggies!) We're waiting until she's a bit older to establish a volunteer tradition. We made the construction paper chain, to help her understand when we get to go to the farm, and when Santa comes... Oh, and lots of classic movies have been featured during these cold evenings.

And the baking! How are we expected to have at least a few different goodies and STILL fit into our holiday garb? I've taken to chewing gum while a bake, so I can't sneak the chocolate chips!

Not to mention all of this must be accomplished while still fulfilling regular life requirements, fresh, healthy meals, creative play time, regular work and preschool schedules....

Phew! I haven't even started packing for our week long hiatus from baby proofed surroundings and regular schedules!

Hopefully, it gets a little easier with practice, but still.... Thanks mom....

Hats off to Parents Everywhere!

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Anonymous said...


It is sacrilege to chew gum while you are baking Sarah! It is your *obligation* as a baker to taste the ingredients as you add them. What if your chocolate chips have gone bad? How will you know if you don't taste them before you add them to the batter (and then, of course, you need to taste them after you add them to make sure they have harmonized well with the batter). For shame!

P.S. Maya can come over and make my bed any time she wants.... ;)



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