Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Wasted solid writing time this morning revamping my blog.

The real problem was that I was so surprised that my 1 year old took a morning nap, I wasn't prepared to jump into a new project. Hopefully, her sister and I can wear her out enough that I'll get a second go at it this afternoon.

I'm going to try to flesh out either Paisley Perkins or How to Interpret the Small Minded, or maybe Sister Savior, and try to alternate my rewrite efforts with something fresh.

Finally printed out the manuscript though, and regardless of the content and my love of trees, that neat stack of lovely white paper filled with my words does sends a bit of electricity down my spine!

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Anna said...

Oh, blog revamping is never time wasted, especially for those of us who are greeted with a terrific surprise! I love the new look... :)))

sometimes a little down time is necessary, gives the brain a break and you never know from where creative ideas come... hee hee...

enjoy that paper manuscript... hoot hoot! and I hope an afternoon nap came 1 year old's way...


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