Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did!

If you missed the acceptance speech, find it on line!

Hope! Healing! Moving past perennial wedge issues! I believe the next four years will in fact transform American politics.


McAlsop said...


Sarah said...


You weren't at all moved by his words, his accomplishment, or the cacophony of joy around the nation when so many of us realized that hard work and intelligence really CAN lead you anywhere?

Can't those that didn't vote for him, for all the reasonable reasons that I'm sure they had, just give him a chance... suspend disbelief just for his first year... then see where we're at?

Michael Shoup said...

I'm just joking.

But I'm not one to be moved by words. Especially when people write things like "cacophony," requiring me to use a dictionary.

I'm 100% behind him (booing).



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