Monday, November 10, 2008

28,477 - but a struggle

I think I put in about 3,000 words today, which isn't bad at all for a day home with the girls. Our first day trapped inside by the bitter cold weather.

Funny, because last week at this time it was 75 degrees and we were picnicking in the woods.

The story has turned a corner, with all sorts of struggle and plot horrifying my characters, which is good. The cast may be too big. They seem to scatter on me when I try to take up another voice for the next section. All that will be fixed later.

What's really problematic is that giving people in my personal life a heads up about November being busy has backfired. Somehow everyone, EVERYONE is giving me the "I know you said you were busy but I need you to...." or "do you mind if I..." or "It's just one weekend..." So I feel like I've been fencing the demons of the real world, trying to demand my right to escape into nano world.

Exhausting, but I'm holding my ground!

I imagine December will be a very social month.

1 comment:

Anna said...

oh I so know what you mean. this whole moving thing is kicking my bum!

great word count you've got, even with all the distractions! :)))


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