Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update: Frayed & Frazzled

Our beautiful girl is a fast learner!

On Saturday I filled you all in on my concern of Maya's hair twisting habit. After finding a ton of reassuring information on other parent's blogs, I took comfort in the knowledge that she will eventually grow out of it.

So I'm not pushing her to stop.... at least not hard.

I have offered her a ton of alternatives things to twist, though, and she doesn't seem to mind! She now watches Maggie & the Ferocious Beast and their adventures in Nowhere Land while petting Anakin's fur, or if he isn't available, her Zoe dog.

At naptime, she twirls on Zoe or her Giraffe's tail. Each time I tuck her in, she usually let's me know, "Mama, Zoe's hair isn't as nice as mine." She's right! But she goes right back to twirling his fur anyway.

And she stopped pulling knots out of her hair, too! She's done that since she was Elliot's age, but now she just comes to me and asks me to brush her hair for her.

What a smart, beautiful kid!

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