Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Escape from Over Thinking!

Yeah, books on how to write aren't the best idea.

Orson Scott Card's book on SF&F actually really got the juices flowing, but I only got a couple of chapters in to Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver. I already was so bogged down with the tools that he had deciphered, that I started to forget how simple writing really is....

So I spent last night working on a little story that has been bouncing around in my head, and just had a good time with it. A couple thousand words on that made me feel MUCH much better.

When you take stories apart and analyze them, it is easy for the process to sound so difficult.... but when I just write, showing characters in motion and creating conflict come naturally. That's what story is all about.

On the upside, up with the baby early EARLY this morning, I let her play around me while I worked on my MC who I was nearly ready to excise from the whole story for being to dull. Spending just a bit more time on her illuminated the real reason that she is at the center of the story.

A much better place today, and with one of my little monsters off to preschool, I should get extra time to write this morning! Maybe I'll finish that story.


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jchart said...

it's so great that you started writing a story and feel better! yay it's amazing how bogged down you can get sometimes by writing techniques and tools.
Hope you manage to get back into the story this morning :-)


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