Thursday, October 9, 2008


In the beginning, Elliot was just a doll to Maya.

Someone to pet occasionally, and someone for Mama to mess with while Maya played with her own doll.

Then Elliot crawled, and for Maya, that meant toys up on the couch or constantly finding a new toy to distract Elliot while she pulled the one she wanted out of Elli's gooey grasp.... and then washed it.

Walking was a whole new challenge for Maya. The couch was no longer safe, and her speed demon sister could catch her before she got toys settled in a new, quiet location.

For most of August we heard, "Mama, come get EL. LI. OT. She's ruining my puzzle (or train, or sand castle)." In we would swoop to distract Elliot.

Suddenly, though, Maya has given in to the fact that escaping from Elliot isn't possible.

Suddenly, they're playing like sisters.

They dance around and with each other, sometimes holding hands, and always landing in a pile of pillows and tutus.

Maya runs into the play room, with Elliot wiggling fast behind her, and I hear high pitched giggling from both of them, announcing their entrance, both carrying improbably large toys, a drum set and a stuffed aardvark. They bring all toys into the living room to play, because playing is only fun if someone is watching them.

They giggle through meals. They giggle while Maya tries to help Elliot put on her sunglasses.... when Elliot screams in protest after Maya whacks the side of her head with the band of the sunglasses, Maya hugs her, rocking gently and saying, "Shoosh, baby, it's okay. I'm here and you're okay."

More often than not, Maya's hugs and shooshing stop the tears after a bump on the head as easily as mine do!

Hmmm, I'm off to call my sister.

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