Thursday, October 9, 2008

November... Oh so far away!

Okay, so shortly after my hubby's 30th birthday, I rediscovered the NaNoWriMo contest and thought, "Exactly, I must write a novel before I'm 30."

Actually the thought was more like, "I can still do it, I'm not 30 until April." The truth is, at the end of the day, I would rather identify myself as a failed writer (with the rejection letters to prove it) than a successful anything else.

Remarkable, isn't it, what a round-numbered birthday can do for your motivation!

So here I sit, with an outline I really like, several characters falling over each other to play the lead or share the POV, and concepts for scenes inspired by moments as simple as spooning oatmeal toward my wiggly toddler.

This weekend I'll finish the synopsis. I have a bit of research to do.... then I am left with the first draft looming ahead and November still 3 weeks away!

Do I start another project in the interim, to keep me from getting board and pursue some of the other interesting ideas bumping around?


Do I stick with some freewrites, read a couple of good books to get me in the mood, and keep tweaking my outline and character info?


jchart said...

Everyone is different when it comes to this I have found! It can feel like such a long time, but it's getting closer by the day.
I'd say trust yourself - if you think you need to start something to tide yourself over then go for it, but if you think that a new project might derail your nano project then maybe hold off for now and do the other little bits and pieces you can in the meantime.
Good luck!

Anna said...

I agree with JC. do what feels good. once NANO begins, there is this sense of being on a train, swept away.

I advise any big shopping, housework to be done before 1 November. you'll not want to do it, and that eliminates a burden that might take you from the laptop.

I should clean my shower... sigh...


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