Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Haunting Thought

Not yet Halloween, I know, and yet I've posted holiday lists for both girls.

Check out the sidebar, right below the other blogs we keep up on. They are just suggestions, based on what the girls like best at other houses and at preschool.... and a few ideas I had.

I feel more than a little silly, but everyone is already asking for ideas.

Looking around my house, it's not hard to guess why our family requests a bit of direction regarding gifts.

We have one of everything! Sometimes two.

So with the economic crisis looming, I hope everyone believes our insistent assurance that we need very little. Simplify. One small gift, something as simple as new markers and a big refrigerator box, will make our girls happy.

After Halloween, probably after Thanksgiving, when the tree is up and the holiday season is rejuvenating the post-election nation, we plan to sit down with Maya to write a second list.

She's old enough now to begin a new tradition, creating a Holiday Wish List filled with things she (we) wish to do for others during the giving season. I'll keep you posted, and I'll add to the gift lists as I get new ideas.

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