Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Crafty

With the weather truly cooling off and the days getting short, Maya and I are starting to look around for good in-door projects again.

One rainy day last week, Maya looked through a great craft book she got for her birthday, and found an egg-painting project. We modified it, a bit, for Halloween, and brought a few of our pumpkins in to paint as well.

Elliot stayed busy with her Tupperware cabinet, and the egg innards that we blew out of the egg were later scrambled with cheese for our lunch!

Amusingly, Maya still likes to mix all of her paints together, and for this project, she selected pink, brown, orange, and blue. As it turns out, these colors, when mixed together, resemble a sort of beige-y orange. Her painted pumpkin looks remarkably like an unpainted pumpkin!

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