Monday, September 8, 2008

Run, Chickens, Run!

We love our chickens!

They are all laying, giving us 5 eggs a day now.

As far as daily chores go, they take a combined 30 minutes or so if you include petting and giving them treats. Probably just 10 minutes if you don't include the fun/unneccesary stuff.

I'm in charge of letting the ladies out of their coop in the morning, checking their food and water supply in the coop, and giving them corn, garden scraps, and grass to snack on throughout the day (not necessary but fun!). Joe is in charge of locking them away at night, just in case the dreaded duck destroyer, whatever that was, returns for dessert, adding pine chips to their litter as needed, and researching what they will need to survive the winter back there (so far, we bought the specialty heater and have a good lead on efficient insulation).

As for Maya, she is our egg queen, harvesting 5 eggs with an efficient 13 to 16 egg checks.... usually right before I try to put her down for a nap or get in the car to go somewhere. She explains, "Oh, I'll just be RI-ight back. I need to check for eggs. By myself.... okay?" She then watches over her shoulder as she heads out side, making sure I don't follow.

She really loves her new ability to venture in the backyard alone from time to time.

Her other job, illustrated below, is to give those ladies their exercise. She pets them, chases them (gently and under supervision), and tosses 1 special treat (their favorite thing - green cherry tomatoes) over the fence for all five of them to run around stealing from each other. It's hilarious!

FYI: She went inside and added a sweater and pants to the tank dress look. It's getting COOoold here in the mornings. We love it!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, Let me say to those that have not yet seen the coop and chicken run that it is as impressive in real life as it looks on the blog. You guys did a great job!!! Looking forward to on omlette on my way home next week. Grandpa..

Sarah said...

Thanks! I'll pass the praise on to the family carpenter :)

I've perfected a fantastic Farmer's Omelet that you can definitely look forward to on the drive home. If only I made my own cheese it would be 100% home grown/made!


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