Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Passing the Buck

As it turns out, I have very little personal control over the time that I can devote to writing.

I'm making some progress toward my weekly goals, I have updated the most recent draft of Legacy and identified the key points that need to be fixed for the next draft. In preparation for outlining my latest Nano idea, I have finessed some design documents, modifying a few I found on other websites to fit my own style.

I haven't actually written anything new this week though. No practice, no free writes. I'm totally stuck because the baby is refusing to fall asleep on her own and the big sister is participating in the chaos. I have about 1 hour of naptime per day, during which I scramble to reheat my coffee and jot down whatever new plot twists or character traits I thought up while rocking and shooshing.

It's utter chaos. In November, as part of NaNoWriMo, I will forgo sleep and meet the word count, but as part of my everyday life, I'm just letting this be a low output couple of weeks, and I'm passing the buck.... You heard me.... blame the children.

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Anna said...

love the new look!!!

oh yes, those days of snatched time and moments to just have one thought for myself...

non fiction reading... a good idea! I have one, about Nicholas, the last czar of Russia, that I need to finish. if Willa Cather puts me to sleep, I'll go back east...


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