Friday, August 29, 2008

Tell me, Please, Palin is no Hillary....

Tell me that you listened to Barack's speech last night.

Tell me that the video took your breath away, especially given the stark contrast with the last two DNC conventions that left all of us saying, well, he's not Bush.

Tell me that the speech that followed, especially the bit about "we're a better country than this" and the bit about it being his grandmother's night too and the bit about "we are all patriots" brought you to your feet in your own living room with the energy and excitement that only comes from hoping that we may be able to recover the lost ground of the past 8 years.

Tell me that McCain's running mate, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, will not steal Hillary's supporters since, other than both having a, um, hoo-ha, they share little resemblance.... Certainly not the pro-woman, pro-family, pro-health care, pro-choice policies that Hillary has spent a lifetime supporting.

Tell me that getting ahead in politics as a woman doesn't mean you have to be come a cross between Ann Coulter, George Bush, and the Brauny paper towel guy.

And tell me, please tell me that the democrats have some obnoxious, media-stealing news blitz planned for the day after McCain gives his undoubtedly dull and un-newsworthy speach at the end of their convention.

I can't stand the game... it's all too stressful!

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