Friday, August 29, 2008

An Outline, and A Viewpoint

Well, in spite of compulsive convention watching, the Daily Show, and two days of poorly spaced naps for the kiddies, I did complete an outline for the story that has been haunting me.

The big problem has been deciding whose story it is. I think/hope/want it to be the mother's story, but the daughter knows things that the mother doesn't. Things I want the reader to know. I think 3rd peson omniscient is too distancing from both of them, and I want to go with the mother's perspective... but I don't know.

Given that no one will probably ever read it but me, I'm going to forge ahead with the mother, and change it or add a viewpoint change later if that seems right. The technicalities of writing are more challenging that I expected. I have always thought of myself as a skilled wordsmith, with the storyteller in me requiring a bit more assistance.

I'm finding, though, that fiction writing is vastly different from the essays, grants, and even a bit of poetry I have written in the past.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge, but it's definitely different.

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Anna said...

oh, for a day in the 60's... ha ha ha...

it's so hard to know from where you're writing. I tend to use 3rd person omniscient, but then I get into trouble on occasion.

write well! and enjoy that java...


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