Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Somebody block the internet from my computer, please!

I have very little time to devote to writing.

Let's face it, with two really young children I often have to decide whether today is going to be take-a-shower day or load-the-dishwasher day, both being an inconceivable burden.

So what little time I do have, mostly in the late evenings or during a miraculous double naptime, I must use judiciously.

For two days, thoough, I have told myself that my next chunck of time would be reserved for drafting a short story idea that I need to purge before I can push forward with my NaNoWriMo idea (yea for ideas that won't leave me alone... at least something is percolating other than coffee!).

For two days, my best intentions have fizzled as I dithered around with e-mail, NaNoWriMo forums, and obsessive compulsive blogging (mostly indulging the voyeuristic instinct that thrives on reading other people's blogs).

Time to exercise some self-control, and probably set a goal.

Before this weekend, I intend to forsake the internet and have a draft of this little story.

Off I go then, just after I check the convention coverage on NPR...

1 comment:

Anna said...

it is hard to get time for certain tasks. no internet when mine we little...

now, was that a good or bad thing? :)))

have a happy writing weekend! gotta love it when the ideas are there...


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