Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary too~

The video montage was amazing, don't you agree?

It made me think of all the strong women in my family (we have an overflowing bounty of them!) and the force of wills and maternal pride that keeps driving us all to define our lives on our own terms.

The only stomach turning moment was during the long, long applause during Hillary's entrace. They kept showing Bill. I love Bill. I think he was a fabulous president, and in the past 7 years, every time I've heard him speak has been like a balm on the rash caused by W.

However, seeing him in the role of supportive husband was... well... yucky.

And when he actually mouthed "I love you," I almost tossed my cookies!

Other than that, though, Hillary was great. She would have made an amazing president, but now she'll simply remain a valuable ally for Pres. Obama in the senate.

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