Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camera is busted!?

Eeek. Our poor camera has taken a lot of abuse, from baging around in a travel bag while we climbed up the narrow stairs to the top of the cathedral in Florence to Maya's never-ending attempts to capture a kodak moment All. By. Her. Self.

Perhaps her mother should have been more assertive about the fact that children shouldn't play with complex technology or less confident that teaching a three-year-old how to use a camera will prevent the usual fumbles of childhood.

Yesterday, the poor thing landed lense down. It's been unable to open its lense ever since. It's possible that removing a few tiny screws and jostling it around a bit may renew its ability to stand at attention (ha, ha), but until then, I will be unable to anchor my blog with oh-so-sweet pictures of the girls. Stories though, we have piles of those. I'll post some soon!


bonniehalver said...

Yikes!!! I'll contribute to the new camera fund! I must have my fix of daily pics! LOVE MOM

Audrey said...

Hi Sarah! I just spent the last hour and a half catching up on your blog. I cannot believe the ecosystem that is your backyard, Maya's ability to successfully score a goal, and Elliot is walking! I love your stories and I hope to be a fun mom like you.... someday, in the very far off future :)

Sarah said...

To paraphrase the great Adam Sandler, Wait As Long As You Can... As you can tell, parenthood is awesome, but all consuming.

I'm so glad you like our stories. It really is a funny little biodome in the backyard. Bring on the bird flu!


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