Monday, July 21, 2008

Pace Yourself

We have so many projects plodding along. Slooowly.

Here is an update.

1. Journey to the Center of REM. Elliot has learned to play in her crib for 15 minutes or so, calming herself for sleep. She still screams for me after a while, and to build her trust, I head in there to comfort her. Before long, though, she'll just drift off to sleep on her own, forgetting to holler for me. It may take a while to get there, but at least she's on her way. Maya is now sleeping all the way downstairs in playroom for her naps and bedtime. Elliot is just too loud sometimes. We'll move her back when Elliot finds her rhythm.

2. Coop Dreams. It still needs some paint, but we may have chickens by the weekend. More on that later this week!

3. The Back 40... or .5 as the case is. We have beans galore, are eating our first homegrown coleslaw tonight, and should have oodles of tomatoes by the end of the week!

4. Maya Beckham? Soccer starts Tuesday! Should we get her the little knee pads?

5. Elliot's solution to high gas prices:

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