Monday, July 21, 2008

Inklings: Why?

It seems silly to begin a second blog. One that most likely no one will read (as I'm not sending the link to my friends and family).

My first blog, however, is all about the details of everyday life. It fills up quickly with stories about my daughters, the challenges of parenting, my garden, and our foray into backyard chickens. There is little space left over for anything else.

So this is simply a place to pause each day, without spin or a thought to what the grandparents might enjoy hearing, examine the deeper threads that run through my life. I'm striving to be honest about my concerns and my thoughts. I'm striving to improve my writing by engaging in a different style of daily practice.

And I'm hoping to be observant enough to capture bits of the everyday that often go completely unnoticed in the first place, or are quickly forgotten, despite their importance and recurrence in the days and years ahead.

Why a blog? Mostly for the psychological advantage of putting it "out there." Without it, I tend to settle for ragged scratches on frayed note books rather than a few hundred words of concise prose.

The goal here is to take a few moments to mediate on the day, to answer the question "What was most important or true or nagging throughout this day," and to then answer the question "What is the value in that."

Perhaps there is none. In that case, this little project will disappear quickly.

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