Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer in the City

I miss the lake. My lake. I grew up 20 minutes from the family lake cabin, where we spent every possible minute each summer. Sure I live in Minnesota, but even among these 10,000, there is no lake like home.

Besides, I am not interested in being the lone body guard for both of my girls at any packed metro-area lake or pool, so I haven't really sought out the local beaches.

This afternoon we set up the kiddie pool and the sprinkler, donned our swim suits, and soaked up the true joys of being home in the summer. Child rearing responsibilities or not, it's heavenly!

Elliot continues to prove herself fearless. She is undaunted by stairs, beds, or the cat door. She is furious when she isn't allowed to explore the bathroom. Today we discovered, that she is perfectly willing to crawl around in water, even as it sloshes around her shoulders and requires her to point her nose to the clouds to keep from getting submerged. Don't worry, I didn't give her any freedom to explore, but even with my hand under her tummy, it was shocking to see such an utter lack of instinct (or perhaps just complete trust in me, I'll giver her some credit).

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