Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's Got Style

Maya got dressed, fixed her hair, and applied blush and lip gloss All By Her Self today. She didn't do a bad job of it either!

When exactly do clothes stop being a fun costume and start being boring? I'm going to start getting myself dressed using Maya's technique: scour my closet for the most fun, colorful things I can find, layer them over each other, add bangles, and then, like Maya, head off to do my new Barbie aerobics tape (which we got from a neighbor, and in case anyone is wondering, it will disappear over the weekend! We are trying to avoid Barbie as long as possible!)

If I did that, I really wouldn't fit in with the swarm of khaki capri pants and black t-shirts that adorn the other moms at Maya's camp!

Maya at class... she follows this high school girl around the whole time!
Elliot LOVES her alone time. I'd better go play with her.

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