Saturday, March 1, 2008

In Her Own Words

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the last month (and some recent photos of Elliot)!

While coloring on her marker board with vigorous red strokes, Maya said, “I am not drawing anything… Just the News.”

Maya looked at the turtle daddy made out of play dough and asks, “Does he know the muffin man?”

“But I want it!” She exclaims in reference to tv, hot chocolate, scissors, paint, and pretty much anything else. Joe and I would love to be able to use that line in the adult world!

After listening to NPR at breakfast and lunch, I turned it on again at snack time. Maya promptly pushed a chair up to the counter and hit the off button. She looked at me and said sweetly “I turned it off…. It can’t be on all the time.” Of course she’s right.

“Can we go look at the guy,” and “can we go look at the guy’s car,” and “he DID bring a car, yea!” in reference to the sketchy guy that came from Hom furnishings to clean the couch.

“What you laughin’ about guys?” She asks at the dinner table when she suspects we are talking about her.

After eating Chinese food with Grandma, Maya opened her fortune cookie and grabbed the fortune, “Mama, this says Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa!” What a fortune!

Maya found my pumice stone and asked what it was for. I showed her and then she looked at me with that wild, knotted hair and those sweet, long-lashed eyes, and said and the most adult tone she could muster, “I would like to try it if you don’t mind.”

When asked how was your day, she says “absolutely wonderful.”

“Mom, I just love it when you say, ‘Maya, your just the best!’”

We occasionally catch her singing “Everybody wants to be a cat!” from Aristocats over the monitor.

“I don’t like this one, I want a new one” says Maya each time her book or tv show gets within the last two pages or the last five minutes! Clever!

“I’ll get your book for you mama, I really want you to read your book and snuggle!” after I told her I couldn’t read my book because I couldn’t reach it (nursing Elliot, who appeared to be starving!)

“Those kids were touching my baby and that made me so mad so I said that is my baby,” Maya said recapping why she grabbed the handle of Elliot’s bucket and started to swing it wildly back and forth.

“I really don’t see a horsy, but I would like to ride a horsy right now,” she said, randomly interrupting Joe and my conversation about the primaries.

When Maya fell on her bottom on the bench and said “I’m okay with my feathery bottom….” And then a few moments later, while I was still laughing, “I don’t have a feathery bottom.” (I think this came from a TV show).


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