Friday, February 29, 2008

Peer Pressure

After all of my bravado, a lengthy blog post, and hours of (all-too-rare) conversation with Joe convincing myself and everyone else that preschool at this age was just unnecessary, I enrolled Maya in preschool.

Ha, I know. I’m a big dork. It all came down to peer pressure.

When we got to what is essentially a mommy and me class this morning, several of Maya’s older classmates were registering. All of their mothers were asking about Maya, hoping our kids would all enter preschool together (it would be nice for Maya to stay with her little friends, right?).

At the same time Maya was hugging one of the little boys. He’d been sick the week before, and she had asked me about him all week. There she was with her arms around his neck saying, “Oh Grant, I just knew you’d be here.”

Then one of the other moms started commenting on how articulate and advanced Maya is (ooh, flattery), and how surely she will want to go to her own preschool class by next fall (good point!).

And off I marched to the registration desk. Maya is now enrolled in a three hour, two day a week class. It’s a combination academic and play focused class. Mostly she’ll pick up social skills and colds, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.

I still believe that all of the interesting things we do at home will prepare her for kindergarten without this class, but today I was persuaded that she would benefit from a little adventure of her own.

Besides, this will give Elliot and I some regular time alone together!

Who am I kidding... I have until July to get my deposit back. I still haven't made up my mind...

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