Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Kindergarten Concert

I didn't anticipate choking up at the end of kindergarten. The first days were obviously full of adjustments and reflections, but by the end, shouldn't we be jaded old pros at this elementary school thing?

After the delightfully silly concert, Mrs. Johnson ushered us all back to her classroom where she had prepared a DVD compilation of  this year's activities set to the tunes of It's a Wonderful World, Somewhere Over the Rainbow,  and Sesame Street's We all Sing with the Same Voice, at which point our kids chimed in.
We all sing with the same voice,
The same song, the same voice.
We all sing with the same voice,
And we sing in harmony. 
That's about where I lost it.  There is something about this moment, with Maya about to move on to the more grown up world of First Grade and Pip just waiting for the right moment to join the party. Even Elliot spends her days in between things, one moment clutching my belly and telling Pip all of the things she'll teach him and the next using a squeaky baby voice and demanding to be carried. 

It's a tender moment. Maybe they all are when little kids, full of rapid change, baffling phases, and sudden transformations, are the focus of our daily lives. 


Bonnie said...

Life flows by in the blink of an eye! Enjoy it all!

Anna Scott Graham said...

My goodness, didn't she just *start* kindergarten??? Wow, that's been a fast year! and I imagine you are so ready for Pip... :)))

LOVE the shot of Elliot with the binoculars!


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