Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting to Know Max

He's only 5 days old, and he's already had us worrying.

Not that it's his fault of course. So far he is the perfect representation of the easy-going baby I signed up for. He eats like a champ, happily snuggles the day away, and sleeps whenever he's not snacking or peeking at his new sister-filled, energetic world. We're all madly in love and marveling at every coo and squeak and newborn, dream-induced smile.

But even as we've come to know his peaceful, charming baby personality, we've been dashing to a variety of pediatric specialists for scans of his insides! Seeing his little body full of electrodes and wires as they took astoundingly precise pictures of his tiny heart left Joe and I breathless with the What if's. Then there were questions about his kidneys - concerns that have haunted us since the first ultrasound, months ago.

Sweet baby Max, snuggled, content, and voracious, kept us from completely panicking over the what if's. But getting the call from our doctor this morning with a clean bill of health and no related future health risks had us dancing around the house. All of those worrisome scans revealed a healthy, fully functioning little body!

Max's first bath time audience!
It took him a minute, but he decided he loved the warm water.
Aaaah.... nothing like a good soak.
Thanks daddy.
 He's here, he's healthy, he's wonderful... and he's going to be snuggled up like crazy!

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Anna Scott Graham said...

What a scare, but so wonderful that Max is a healthy babe! Such a beautiful family you have, what treasures...


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