Sunday, June 19, 2011

At the End of Each Day

We celebrated Father's Day with pony rides at Bunker Hill. And a giant brunch. And meandering, bug-catching travels through a new park.

But it wasn't just for the sake of Father's Day. With Pip's arrival seemingly imminent (but possibly still 2 weeks away!), we have been trying to close out each day with a sense of fulfillment, as if to say, "And thus ends this chapter."

For example, yesterday Joe took the kids to a big outdoor pool, giving me some much-needed time to write, read, and nap. We took in a movie together, and we closed the day with waffles for dinner (topped with our seemingly endless supply of homegrown strawberries).

Seriously, looking back on the last week full of activity and family-bonding - even a couple of real date nights- it's clear that we've been writing the last paragraphs in this chapter before we embark on a whole new beginning with a whole new family member.

This frenzied writing of memories is not something we've embarked on purposefully. We're moved in part because we know how much life will slow down in the weeks to come... how limited our (particularly my) mobility will be as we settle into a newborn's unscheduled demands. And we've undertaken all of this even as I eagerly (almost obsessively) anticipate meeting this baby and look forward to time spent on the small, fleeting, beautiful tasks of caring for him.

So at the end of each day, Joe and I sit together and think, this has been wonderful - but we can't wait for this one last arrival!

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Anna Scott Graham said...

Such a beautiful post, and great pictures too.


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