Friday, June 17, 2011

All of Summer in a Week

Given that we're at the "any time now" stage, we're packing in as much summer now as we can. It's such an add perspective, to be both childishly eager to meet the baby and grateful for these free, warm days of unscheduled time.

Our most constructive projects were these lovely little pillows. The girls gathered flowers and leaves around the yard and arranged them on one half of a spare piece of muslin fabric. We folded the fabric over and went crazy with a couple of hammers. The fabric ended up beautifully decorated with a unique floral pattern. Each girl helped sew up her pillow, stuff it, and proudly display it. It was the perfect backyard project.

 Then there was the end of year party, thrown by one of Maya's classmates. It doubled as a reunion with their teacher, and you would never have guessed they had only been apart for a week!
  Today we did some belly art. Then a walk in the park. And finally a visit to the local pool, just to round out the day. Much-needed naps are in the future.

Somehow we're cramming as much summer into every day as we can, because all too soon the clock will stop again as we celebrate the arrival of a new little one.

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Anna Scott Graham said...

Fantastic project for the girls! I wonder if in later years those pillows will be associated with Pip's arrival! Great photographs...


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