Monday, May 23, 2011

The One and Only

Never has a child been so enthralled with King Tut... or the ancient Egyptian toilet seat. Never before has a pregnant woman had to beg her (nearly) six year old to stop doing science experiments so she (the mom, not the kid) could go take a nap.

This weekend we were short one child, and while we certainly missed our deliciously energetic Elliot, it was wonderful to get some one and only time with Maya.

We spent a day at the science museum, prowling through exhibits and spending way too much on food as I get a little shaky every hour or so if I'm not snacking. The next day was Daddy's turn, and he wowed her with rides at the Mall of America and an evening at the movies.

Meanwhile, I had a little time to myself (shop, nap, snack... repeat!).

We're already planning some one and only adventures for Elliot Rose, once she's recovered from a weekend full of  Grandpa's golf lessons, Grandma's fishing lessons, and presumably innumerable jelly beans (the better to steal her sugar!).

In just a few weeks the pace of our life will once again be turned on its head, so we're really savoring any alone time we can steal with the girls, with each other, and occasionally even with ourselves.


elacorn said...

The joy of anticipation! I remember before each kid was born we took a video of our house and eachother. I should dig those out some day...

Anna Scott Graham said...

One on one time is so important! Wonderful that you were able to get it, and a nap and snack too... :)))

Robyn said...

She and Mason are so much alike!! I would love to see them both at a science museum together! He just loves the science book that you guys gave him for Christmas and I could totally see them schemeing up another experiment together.


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