Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank you Mayo!

The last time I googled mysterious health symptoms, WebMD had me pretty convinced I was suffering from tongue cancer. Given my tendency toward excessive worry and over-thinking, I then and there swore off googling any health concerns. Ever.

This has exasperated my physician, a tiny bit, who now fields odd calls from me about minor symptoms that I'm pretty certain are benign... but I need that confirmation. She'll be glad to know that Mayo has rolled out a hysteria free web service that will help answer questions without inciting a ripple effect of craziness.

I just had to share. Check out the Mayo site or the New York Times article about it!

1 comment:

Anna Scott Graham said...

My youngest is a bit like you. :))) But, better to be aware than not, one of the benefits of so much information.


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