Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Chance to Vote

The baby poll is actually going to close tomorrow when the official results come out! The actual and official results, give or take a sonographic blur.

Also, here's a hilarious exchange with Maya:

 "Did you know that a lot of Americans have been falling down a long way. And they can't get up. And one of them even got pneumonia!" said a very distressed Maya.

"Were you learning about the miners in Chile?" asks mom, ever the public radio addict and still moved by the dramatic rescue last October.

"No. One of them was in his garage."

"Have you been watching commercials again?" Mom tries again, this time reminded of how deeply influenced Maya is by ALL commercials, whether they peddle plumbing equipment, cell phones, or the clapper.

"Yes. There is a necklace you can buy that brings help if you fall. We should get one."

What a news bulletin! People have fallen and they can't get up! And in this house of rather clumsy folk, perhaps a button isn't an odd request... :)


Anna Scott Graham said...

Oh my goodness this made me laugh!!

As for the baby poll, well, hmmm... I suppose it's going to be a girl. or a boy, one of the two... :))) Really, I'm hoping for just whatever makes you all happy!

Jess Falken said...

I just read this post... Maya is hilarious! I will put a rescue button on the b-day list for Ms. Maya!!! What a sweetheart! hehe


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