Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to the Real World

Good bye daily naps for a week and a half. Good bye ignored piles of things to do.Good bye days with no schedule, punctuated only by snacks, roller skating in the basement, and occasional social gatherings.

With the regular school/work schedule upon us, we've had to spend the day getting the house back in shape, attempting to get ourselves back in shape (goodbye chocolate pretzels), and crossing items off the long avoided to-do list.

Just the thought of the coming week wears me out!


elacorn said...

I just bought some chocolate pretzles today! Salty and sweet and ooh so good! Happy New Year my dear!

Jess Falken said...

Ugh, I hear ya sister. I just got our suitcase unpacked today. It sat for a week! Good luck to you getting back "into the swing of things"

Anna said...

Love that Bears dress!! Good luck with the transition back to the real world... :)))

Bonnie said...

Those look like future Roller Derby girls! Love it!


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