Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Posts I Might Have Written in November

Secrets are Fun: This is the longest Joe and I have ever gone without telling anyone such big news! The first person I told was a client at Meals on Wheels! That kind man didn't even know he would play a special role in my personal history. He just chuckled, congratulated me, and went back to his taxidermy museum (truly, he has turned his apartment into a museum of stuffed BEARS, LYNX, and even a WOLF. I couldn't bring myself to ask how he got the animals.

What's for Dinner? I have no idea. The slight nausea that barely qualifies as morning sickness has a side effect of its own. I cannot cook. Usually, I look forward to dinner all day. I gather elaborate recipes and stage Olympic level trips through the grocery store. I engage the girls in cooking. Not anymore. For three months, I've come up with nothing. One night, I literally baked a squash and a loaf of bread. Nothing else sounded good.

Pickles and Ice Cream! On a related note, I have now literally eaten pickles and ice cream for bedtime snacks. Yes, multiple times. Not in the same dish of course, but sequentially. A bit of ice cream... then a small pickle. I'm over it now, it sounds gross again, but for a small time that really hit the spot.

Hello in There: I'm not showing, except for a general aura of weight gain (let's call it a lovely glow), but to my surprise, I can already feel this little bundle thumping around. At 11 weeks, I thought it might be possible, late at night when the house was still. Now, a week and a half later, there is no mistaking those little flutters and pulses. I was nearly 19 weeks before i could feel Maya, and probably 16 with Elle. It's a strange delight to be so companionable with this one so early. Thanks to these secret conversations, this may be the best Christmas EVER!


Genie of the Shell said...

That's so sweet! I am excited for you and your family.

Secrets ARE fun. We couldn't keep the news to ourselves even for a few DAYS with this first pregnancy, but there are a bunch of people who attend the church where I work who didn't hear--and the look on their face when I stand up from my desk is so great.

With regard to dinners, I am SO grateful that my husband and especially our pro-cook roommate know their way around the kitchen.

Congrats on feeling your little one move already! :)

Anna said...

So much going on for you; sorry about your kitty, I love those pics of the girls! Secrets are pretty cool, we didn't say anything to our family until #3 was those three months along. How exceptional that you're in touch with that new baby already, an early gift that will keep giving for months!! Happy Christmas to you all... :)))

Bonnie said...

Someone told me that if you crave sweets its a girl...if you crave salty it's a boy... or was that vicey versa... see you soon! Love MOM


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