Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tree Fort Construction

Our very favorite park, Tamarack Nature Center, has a new dimension every time we visit. This week, tree fort building! We stumbled upon a new path, one we've overlooked on every previous visit. This path took us into a wooded area that had clearly been gifted to tree fort builders.

Suddenly I was 8 again. We spent two hours playing in and around the already built forts, and then constructing our own. It was spectacular.

It was also a good distraction from the full grown poltergeist wreaking havoc on all things on the homestead, from the chickens (... and then there were four...) to the roof to the cat (poor guy!). Poltergeist aside, we're settling into what passes for a rhythm now that life with a grade-schooler has begun. I couldn't be more thankful for the half-day schedule, since it leaves plenty of room for Tamarack and Silverwood and tag in the back yard.

And tree fort construction.

These two were already there. We built ours much further back.

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elacorn said...

I admire how down and dirty you can get!


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