Friday, September 10, 2010

Yet Another Moment

The Tooth Fairy, odd as that little creature is, swept through our house last night. She (he? it?) left behind a girly headband and a note answering Maya's question.

Q: What do you do with all the teeth?

 A: Shhh.... It's a secret! Happy Toothless Day.

Right, yesterday was a long day that mostly sapped my creativity, but seriously, how could you answer that question in a non-psychopathic way? I've heard "to build her castle." Ugh! A tooth castle? Ugh! I've heard, "they are polished and turned into new baby teeth for a new baby." Um, no. So let's keep this one an odd mystery.

The funny thing is, if I tell Maya there is a fairy princess lost in the woods and that we, during our walk, must rescue her, she says, "Nooo, mom, fairies aren't real."

But if I tell her one will sneak into her room, sweep away her lost tooth and leave her a little present, then she's writing notes to the fairy and waking up extra early to see what was left. Funny!

Here she was at 6:30 this morning, backpack and shoes on, fully dressed and ready for the bus to come... two hours in the future. That expression is the, "make sure you get my missing tooth" grimace!


elacorn said...

That's a hard one... the tooth fiary. I want to say there is no such thing and that it's just a part of growing up and celebrate the event as a family. But, I don't think Dave will go for it. Hmm. So, did you do the headband instead of money?

Sarah Aadland said...

I totally agree... I have a hard time lying about the red fat guy breaking and entering every December too.... :) but the neighbor girl lost two teeth a few weeks ago, and it's been nothing but fairy talk ever since! I couldn't leave her out.... stinkin' peer pressure.

Yep, the headband was in place of money, since she doesn't have a real handle on how to spend money just yet. She finds it a little stressful (too many choices!)

Anna said...

So exciting! There are myths and legends all through life. I can't tell you how many times we forgot over the years, thankfully my kids were as Maya, eager to believe... (Probably also not wanting to miss out on that 50p, living in Britain at the time...)


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