Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Conclusion

I believe we ate our last zucchini-based meal last night. All of this cool weather is closing out my garden. Except for the herbs and kale and the chard, all of which I had better figure out what to do with before they're gone.

Did I mention how we managed to get the girls in the canoe on the last weekend of summer? The two girls wiggling in the middle did add an excitement to the paddling experience that I'm just not used to, but on the whole, they were very good. We watched the local bird life catch fish, sample animal crackers, and play chicken with the canoe. We were particularly fond of a blue heron that kept moving just a little be away from us. Almost like it was curious. Maybe it was.

A school rhythm is beginning to set in, giving me time to reflect on the end of this summer. It was a season that overflowed with projects and family, road trips and staycation extravaganzas, even a few naps in the hammock and backyard fires. The summer of 2010 was a season well spent.


Mimi said...

I did it! I did it!!! I finally figured out how to post a coment.
Your posts all summer have just been wonderful. Hearing all about the garden was mouth watering! The only thing that did really well in our garden was okra.
I nearly cried looking at your picture of your first day of school.Where has time gone? I would love to see you all. I miss you so much.
Love, Mmimi

Nina said...

I am so glad we were a part of your summer. They go by so fast.

Sarah Aadland said...

Thanks Mimi!

Sarah Aadland said...

And Nina too :) We had so SO much fun!

elacorn said...

It's crazy to see you guys in long sleeves! We will hit 107 on Sunday :( I've wanted to go canoeing since Mr. Delco's (sp) class!! Let me know what you make with your Kale, I've never used it but would like to try it.


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