Monday, July 19, 2010

Why My Two-Year-Old Scaled a Cattle Gate

During our vacation a few weeks ago, Joe showed the girls around his childhood farm.

It has been vacant, or nearly so, for over a decade.

Time has left its signature across the crumbling barns, in the imposing trees that were merely underbrush on his last visit, and in the thistles reclaiming the lawn. The girls were excited, and a little frightened, by this deserted place. That we climbed a cattle gate and weaved our way around a million cow paddies only added to the discomfiting fascination.

But they wanted to know every story. Where did you milk the cows, dada? Where were your chickens? Did you swim in that lake? Did you play with Aunt Jess a lot when you were little? What did you do?

He lingered in the telling as much as in the showing. At one point, he helped both girls jump into the doorway of a tiny barn, the granary. They peered doubtfully into the shadows, where a family of birds were sounding their annoyance. He quickly assured them that they shouldn't go inside, just stand at the edge and smile. With that, he captured these photos.

These pictures are twins to another, older version of two siblings standing in the same doorway. This epic picture, priceless in a way that my excessively snapped digital photos never will be, was taken on a busy day on a working farm. Two happy kids enjoyed a snack after a chore well done.

With our twin picture taken, we left. Not in a hurry. Not because we showed up at the farm to take that particular picture. But we were done somehow and went off to make new memories.


Jessica said...

Brought tears to my eyes. We had so much fun growing up on that farm. I had the best brother to take me on the most wonderful adventures every day.

Love you all!

elacorn said...

hands down best post ever. i think i got a little teary eyed too. precious pictures!!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks guys :)


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