Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally, Time to Exhale

Phew. We've finally stumbled into a patch of lazy summer days. Not just a free morning here or there. Not simply an afternoon of ignored obligations. No, from now to the end of summer (which is fast approaching, I realize), we are legitimately unscheduled.

Well, sure there are still a few things on the calendar, but they are all either ditch-worthy or still categorized as lazy, summery things to do.

So here we go, wandering through the local park, stumbling upon the new, secret path to the practically-private public beach.

Ducks were fed. Bikes were broken in. Sand castles were constructed with care and concern for the princess (a wayward feather) and the prince (a piece of drift wood).

With no schedule, few rules, and no distractions, peace is a beautiful summer morning at Silverwood.

1 comment:

Anna said...

Now that is what summer is all about!! Great pics, btw... :)))


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