Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Staccato Pace

After all of my preaching about pace and simplicity, it turns out that even I can't follow it. We have had one monumental project, event, or trip every week for over a month. Between planning, preparation, and execution, our weeks have been overflowing. Each of us is a bit sleepy and discombobulated as a result.

But this staccato pace is more akin to the rhythm of a good dance party tune than the steady marching beat of daily life that I'm always fighting to slow down. In other words, we've been enjoying the craziness.

Somehow we have managed to find our rest between each event. Even with so many things packed on top of each other, we have reveled in long walks as a family, backyard fires, and afternoons trying to master the physics of kite flying.

Still, May and June have had us moving too quickly. Too constantly. We need to pause a bit to catch our breath and find a more comfortable rhythm.

Pictures of the fish Joe and I caught in our new canoe this weekend will be forthcoming. The Boundary Waters will never be the same after our first fish fry.

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