Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo Friday: The Great Puddle Stomp

The second the rain stopped today, we donned our boots (and hats and mittens, go figure!) and trotted off to explore a park filled with puddles and disoriented worms.

Level of Saturation after 1.5 hours = 98 % (Maya's right sleeve stayed dry)
# Worms rescued from the sidewalk to the grass = 2
# Worms crushed under bike tires and eulogized with the words "Eeww! Gross!" = 187
Number of Hot Baths to Follow: 1 long, long bath.

Elliot sat down in the first puddle she found. It looked absolutely intentional, but the result definitely surprised her.

This is exactly why my days are spent at home. Incidentally, I'd better track down some mom-sized rainboots, cause my sneakers smell like bad cheese... Ugh!

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Anna said...

I LOVE these pics!!


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