Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Released from the grip of our various illnesses, our little family has exploded with energy. The girls have moved from one activity to the next for two days, refusing to let the remnants of their coughs slow them down.

They painted the birdhouses left by the Easter Bunny.

Maya's is on the left; Elle's is on the right. I can't wait to meet the psychedelic hippie birds that decide to nest there.... or maybe they'll just brighten up the garden fence?

They began an epic sea voyage. Originally the gazebo was their ship during yesterday's showers. They spend their time fishing, catching sharks, and then having to swim or steer their boats away from the sharks. Or rescue each other from ready-to-snap jaws. Today the wagon served as a rowboat to the park. Elliot refuses to let go of her fishing pole, complete with a felt fish.

Maya spent our walk picking up litter and mumbling about how thoughtless some people are.

And, as the final sign of our recovered good health, we danced... in costume!

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