Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Primping and Planting

Like many of us, Maya has a lot of carefree tomboy and a lot of princess in her. Both were out in full force this week.

In preparation for their big recital, Maya and her dance friends got all dolled up and spent more than an hour posing for professional pictures.

During that hour, I listened to mother after mother assure each other that she had always been a tomboy and this production of dressing up little girls, particularly the part about affixing the bows in their tightly pulled pony tails, was baffling. Covered in garden soil, I was among those declaring my tomboy past... and present.

She kept adjusting everyone's dresses for that "off the shoulder look" sported by Disney's Belle.

But who am I kidding. I am just as excited to clean up for a night on the town as I am to get spring calluses on my hands and black dirt on my feet.

Does Elliot look wistful or what?

Don't we all harbor contradictions like these? And aren't they delightful to indulge? Maya sure thought so!

Maya wrote the plant tags for the carrots, lettuce, and potatoes we planted. Five minutes after this picture was taken, Maya was covered in dirt. Meanwhile, Elliot baked birthday cake in the sandbox.


elacorn said...

oh i just want to call you right now- do you seriously still have a shop class made tool box? good times!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable little dancers! I love it! Elliot looks so forlorn and left out....
Love you guys! Aunt Carol

Sarah said...

Good eye, Acorn! I've had that thing full of garden stuff so long, I forgot its humble origins.

Aah, shop class. I was so pleased to escape with all of my fingers!


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