Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Shock of Spring

The sun and warmth of the these past few days have been like electro shock therapy for our family. Suddenly all of us are sporting better moods, higher energy, and busy, plan-making thoughts.

With the snow finally gone, Elliot has been informing everyone that "My sandbox came back!" And when the garage door opens, she heads back to make mud pies faster than I can slip into my shoes.

Maya and I unearthed the first hopeful daffodil shoots in the garden. The bikes are back in Joe's garage space, along with the wagon and the coop car and the chalk.

We have been to the park and back again several times, covered in many layers of mud and leaves and melted snow.

Even the chickens seem invigorated, dashing around the yard flapping their wings gleefully.

We've been so engaged in it all that we haven't even had time to take a picture. Though more snow will surely reach us before spring truly settles in, this preview is positively titillating.

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